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to checkout, and update the server when commit (like svn)

bzr checkout

to commit (and push to the remote repository)

bzr commit

To update a checkout from the remote branch, you don't use bzr pull, but

bzr update


to get a branch, to update the server (bzr commit, then bzr push)

bzr branch

to merge from a branch

bzr merge

To turn a regular branch into a checkout

bzr bind

to commit

bzr commit

to push the revision to a mirror branch (this doesnt update the working copy on the server nor create it, but we dont care, if we dont work on the serv, otherwize just bzr update)

bzr push

to get update your branch from the repository (if your local branch rev is available on the remote repo)

bzr pull

otherwize merge with the remote repo (and you will be able again to pull)

bzr merge


to create an empty branch:

mkdir branch1
cd branch1
bzr init

to create a repo of branch, this save space and time, if we use many branch New branches created under the repository directory will store their revisions in the repository, not in the branch directory. –no-trees option: without working copy for each branch under the repo(a remote repo only)

bzr init-repo --no-trees repo
bzr init repo/branch1
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