What is the ctafconf

The ctafconf is the configuration I use on all my box and at school. Configuration files are provided for:

  • shell: zsh, bash, ksh, tcsh, screen, top
  • text editor: emacs, nano, vim
  • windows manager: fluxbox, metacity, enlightenment
  • graphical tools: torsmo, conky
  • virtual terminal: gnome-terminal, xterm, aterm, Eterm, rxvt
  • login manager: startx, xdm, gdm, kdm

It provide you a powerful development environment using zsh, emacs and more. The ctafconf is the most portable as possible, it work on debian, ubuntu, netbsd-epita, cygwin, freebsd, and all POSIX system.


  • portable: work on cygwin, linux, bsd, and all posix system
  • make, svn and cvs have colored output
  • alias are defined for standard compilation command (configure, make, etc..)
  • extended emacs configuration


get a tarball from sourceforge, or use the svn:

  svn co grk

untar the tarball in your home directory:

cd ~
tar xvjf ctafconf-date.tar.bz2

launch the setup:

cd .ctafconf

and that all, the ctafconf is installed

The shell

I recommand you to use zsh, as it is more powerful than the others. You could change your login shell with chsh -s /usr/bin/zsh login.

some useful keyboard shortcut for zsh:

  • tab : completion
  • ctrl+w : backspace kill word
  • ctrl+a : begin of line
  • ctrl+e : end of line
  • ctrl+l : clear screen
  • ctrl+u : clear the current line
  • ctrl+space/alt-w/ctrl-y : copy/paste like in emacs

Some useful alias are defined to help you develop:

  • e, ne : launch emacs, and launch a terminal emacs
  • a, c : ./, ./configure,
  • m, ma : make, make clean all
  • gm, gma : gmake, gmake clean all
  • fixme, todo : display all FIXMe and TODO found in files of the current directory

Some useful keyboard shortcut for emacs:

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