Create a deb pkg

Using dpkg-deb

the brute force way: create a folder with DEBIAN/control run:

dpkg-deb --build folder folder
Using dpkg-buildpackage

debian/rules is a makefile create a folder with debian/control and debian/rules the rules files create a DEBIAN folder run:

dpkg-buildpackage folder
#or (just to create the binary pkg)
fakeroot debian/rules binary

Create a deb pkg (better way)

small tutorial

cd myproject
cd ..
ln -s myproject myproject-1.0
cd myproject-1.0
dh_make -r
cd ..
cp -r myproject-1.0/debian myproject
rm -rf myproject-1.0 myproject-1.0.orig

cd myproject
debuild --no-tgz-check -us -uc -b
Using dh_make

this is the top level tools, it create a debian folder with everything you need to call dpkg-buildpackage

dh_make --createorig
build a package using debuild
debuild --no-tgz-check -us -uc -b
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