How to compile khtmldom under windows


Libkde include khtml, needed for khtmldom. There is two way to get kdelibs under windows:

  1. use cygwin, and kdelibs compiled for cygwin (
  2. use the new native port (, but there is no compiled binary at the moment, the project is pretty new, and aim to port kde4 under windows using native qt4 installation. (it compile with cmake and msvc or mingw-gcc)


svn co svn+ssh:// khtmldom
make -f Makefile.cvs


Add this address in cygwin-setup:

Needed packages: kdelibs, xorg-dev, ... to enable kde3 UIC, you need to launch qtconfig-qt3 et ajouter /usr/lib/kde3 et /usr/lib/kde3/plugins


My beloved libtools

in the libtool script add this (function = win32_libid ()) this craps enable libtool to recognize dll as dll (yes! !!) when it call "file" on certain dll, it return "MS-DOS executable" , instead of "MS Win PE" !!

  *executable*) # but shell scripts are "executable" too...
    case $win32_fileres in
    *MS\ Windows\ PE\ Intel*)
      win32_libid_type="x86 DLL"
+   *MS-DOS\ executable*) # ugh! some DLLs built on Windows
+     win32_libid_type="x86 DLL"
+     ;;

dont forget to install the command file

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