Mixxx - TODO List


  1. add two button to activate/deactivate the beat marker
  2. add two button : bpm /2, bpm x2 and a text area to change the tempo manually
  3. use libavcodec, libavformat to read file
  4. redesign the media list
  5. use traktor stripes
  6. add two others channels


  1. modify skin engine to scale well (working on)
    1. new fader, new button, new rotary (svg?)
    2. new xml markup : (skin_scalable, floating_bottom, floating_top, floating_right, floating_left)
  2. new skin to go with the update engine
  3. ChannelFocus for midi mapping (event modify the channel who have the focus)
  4. fastback, fastfwd : adapt to current rate
  5. new midi mapping window (window already designed)
  6. new midi mapping file format, allowing to have more than one controler for a button, fader, .. (use XML)

Mixxx Patch

  1. alsaseq midi
  2. new midi option (Rot64, Rot64Fast, Invert)
  3. fullscreen path (move(0,0))
  4. slowback, slowfwd to sync two track
  5. mymin, mymax, to correct compilation error with newer g++

Mixxx SVN

* trunc:

svn co

* CTAF Branche

svn co
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