I'm frequently asked for help in solving computer problems by family members. In theory the easiest way to help is by setting up a reverse VNC link so I can help remotely. Often, however, the process of talking a relative through the reverse process is harder than solving the original problem.

After being unable to find instructions on the Internet on how to create a single executable file to simplify establishing reverse VNC connections, I decided to do it myself.

"How to make a simple stand alone reverse vnc startup program file and to setup a host computer for the reverse vnc connection."

This may not be the only or the simplest way to make a stand alone reverse vnc start up file but it works for me.

1. Download or latest version from TightVNC. Extract WinVNC.exe, VNChooks.dll and VNCviewer.dll Obtain a copy of Regedit.exe 2. Install and Use PEBundle to merge WinVNC.exe with VNChooks.dll into a new stand alone WinVNC.exe Choose option: "do not write module to disk." 3. Install and Use AbyssMedia Quick Batch File Compiler to compile our bat file into an exe "Include" the stand alone WinVNC.exe, Regedit.exe and WinVNC.reg files Choose option: "Ghost Application." (see info. on the reg and bat files below)

If you register PEBundle and Quick Batch File Compiler, there will be no popup registration reminders when the final stand alone executable file is run.

To generate the WinVNC.reg, run the stand alone WinVNC.exe for first time to bring up it's configuration options. Enter any values into the password fields and click OK. Run Regedit and locate ORL folder in registry. Right click on WinVNC3 folder and export to desktop. Rename to WinVNC.reg

Create a WinVNC.bat file that contains the following commands for compiling by the Quick Batch File Compiler:

%myfiles%regedit.exe /s WinVNC.reg ping -n 2 start %myfiles%\WinVNC.exe ping -n 2 %myfiles%\WinVNC.exe -connect

where is an example internet ip address. Change it to the ip address of your host computer or network.

Make a VNCviewer.bat file to start the VNCviewer.exe on the host computer with contents:

start VNCviewer.exe -listen

Run the bat file to start listening.

Setup your host router, if one is used, to accept port forwarding of port 5500 to your host computer's internal ip address.

Email the exe file created in step 3. to the operator of the client computer with instructions to run the program and to answer yes or OK to all messages that pop up especially the one giving permission to pass through their firewall, if one is installed.

If the reverse vnc startup program file works as created, the total time needed by the client computer operator to establish a reverse connection will only be a few seconds.

Vnc a Mac

Activate default desktop sharing on your mac, then :

vncviewer ma_machine:0 -FullColor -UseLocalCursor=0
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