Xmoto On Iphone

I got xmoto running on Iphone. It use the xmoto trunk, ans as little tweak as possible. This port is using the SDL 1.3. xmoto was ported to SDL 1.3. SDL_gfx was ported to SDL 1.3 too. (i think some stuff may not work)

Input are not handled, it’s not possible at the moment to control the moto. SDL has support for it, accelerometer can be used like a joystick and the toochscreen is recognised.

Screenshot of xmoto on iphone

First run on the iphone, the game load (the first launch, the database is updated this take really really long), then it start a hardcoded level, the game run slowly but basically just work.

:xmoto-iphone.jpg :xmoto-firstruneveroniphone.png

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